Response to EDITORIAL: Another town, another attack on a cop


FACT 1: Islam is a religion of over 1.6 billion people. Islam is not ISIS or Islamic State.

FACT 2: Police said, the gunman had done it in the name of ISIS (not Islam).1

FACT 3: CNN reported that none of the Imams in that area knew of Edward Archer.2

  1. (CNN)A 30-year-old man who allegedly ambushed and shot a Philadelphia police officer sitting in his patrol car confessed he did it in the name of the Islamic State, presumably referring to the terrorist group ISIS, officials said Friday.

    Officer Jesse Hartnett, 33, was hit three times in the left arm on Thursday night and suffered “some very serious injuries that will require multiple surgeries,” police Commissioner Richard Ross told reporters.  Source:

  2. Video (2:55):

  3. Video: