DNC leaks confirm establishment stranglehold


WASHINGTON, July 25, 2016 – The leaked emails from the Democratic National Committee regarding support for Hillary Clinton come as a shock to no one, but a disappointment to many. The latest episode in the 2016 election drama dropped last week, when Wikileaks released over 19,000 emails and more than 8,000 attachments from DNC staffers. The…


  1. This is yet another thing that confirms that our political system is more controlled by what powerful individuals want than by what’s best for the country. Even if the DNC just wanted its party to win the election they should have at least allowed Sanders a chance, given his great popular support. Instead they railroaded through the nomination of essentially a personal friend even though she has abysmal popularity ratings. Thanks, DNC, for putting your own preferences over the needs of the country, especially with the inept ego who’s now the other major party’s nominee.