Islamic Center Of Tallahassee (ICT) – Feeding the Homeless

Islamic Center Of Tallahassee (ICT) - Feeding the Homeless

In the process of:

– reaching out for the greater community of Tallahassee

– stimulating the team work activities among the Muslim Community

– Teaching others about the values of Islam

The Islamic Center Of Tallahassee (ICT) started feeding the homeless about two years ago but we where offered a chance to help in cooking the food for the homeless which was new to us also it is a dream that one day ICT Muslim members are going to feed the homeless from A to Z in big numbers.

However when we started helping and learning we where surprised that we are going to feed homeless families and it was very touchy because when you serve men you see in there eyes a changeling look for life but when you serve families you see in the eyes of children and women that they are broken, the eyes are broken, the hearts are broken, the souls are broken and the bodies are broken you will resist when you see it in women but when you see it in children between the ages of 3 to 11 your heart will collapse screaming “when are we going to stop declaring wars against each others and start to declare wars against hunger or against poverty 🙁

Imam Amro Abbas