Laura Loomer Melts Down Over Being Forced to Pay Muslim Rights Group

Stephanie Keith
After being ordered to pay $123,000 in attorneys’ fees to the Council on American-Islamic Relations, avowed Islamophobe Laura Loomer filed an appeal, which was rejected this week. She subsequently melted down. After a Florida magistrate denied the appeal, the Republican congressional candidate declared that she won’t be forking over cash any time soon. “They won’t get a dime from me. I’ve been living the ‘you’ll own nothing and be happy’ lifestyle for years, before COVID made it trendy,” she blared in a Telegram post on Thursday evening. “Thanks to cancel culture!” In a statement to The Daily Beast, Loomer said her legal team will appeal the denial to her appeal. The far-right activist sued CAIR over her belief that the group played a role in getting her banned from Twitter.
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