Ramadan is coming soon


A very special guest is coming soon — the Holy Month of Ramadan. This amazing global event focuses on spiritual renewal, redemption, charity and serving humanity by unconditional giving to the needy, hungry and disfranchised. Fasting for a month from sunrise to sunset and abstaining from food, drink and intimate relationships between married couples is to seek only the pleasure of our Creator.

Ramadan comes on the ninth month of the Islamic Calendar and is mandatory for those who can fast. Those who are sick, traveling or have other conditions are exempted and can make up the days during the rest of the year.

Breaking fasting at sunset is followed by a special prayer that lasts almost to midnight. Ramadan teaches one to abstain from bad deeds such as lying, cheating, envoy, jealousy or using profane language, even if you were cursed or provoked.

Good deeds such as praying, reading the Holy Quran and helping others multiply rewards. It is time to forgive, make peace with friends, family and community as Ramadan softens the hearts.

It is time to get rid of bad habits such as smoking cigarettes or Hookah. Ramadan teaches humility, patience and sincerity, as God is watching all that we do. Everyone across the globe is doing the same thing, trying to get purified from all sins committed intentionally or unintentionally. If your Ramadan is accepted, all sins will be erased, and you will become like the day you were born with a clean slate.

Ramadan is considered to be the greatest event in life, as life is valued by the number of Ramadans observed with related duties fulfilled. Every day during Ramadan, there is a dinner meal that anyone can eat for free in any mosque across the world, as the spirit of Ramadan is about sharing food, especially with those in need. Everyone who fasts knows what hunger pain feels like, and Ramadan teaches compassion, including sharing whatever you have, even if it is just a date.

Not only do you shed few pounds with fasting, but also your sins.This will help promote total body wellness — physical, mental, spiritual and social — including wellness to fight chronic diseases.

The first 10 days of Ramadan are about forgiveness, the second 10 days are about God’s mercy, and the last 10 days are about being granted the ultimate freedom from hellfire. Then, comes the Night of Power, that could come on any of the odd-numbered dates of the last 10 days of the month. It marks the revelation of the Holy Quran to the Prophet Mohammed. During that night followers believe there will be total peace and serenity, and the Angel Gabriel and other angels descend close to Earth, and prayers are answered.

Ramadan has a nickname, the “fleeting month,” as it passes so quickly. It ends with a celebration or feast of fast breaking when everyone goes out to buy new clothes, exchange gifts and visit family, friends and neighbors to share the joy and great sense of accomplishment.

The local Muslim community in Hernando County has grown over the years and includes a significant number of influential physicians. They established free community clinics to serve the needy and uninsured and have contributed to many charitable activities, including a Ramadan Thanksgiving food basket program. The greater Tampa Bay area has more than 100,000 members of a vibrant Muslim Community.

Happy Ramadan.

Dr. Adel Eldin, Wesley Chapel

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Adel Eldin, and MD, FACC, FACP has been in private practice in Florida over the past 15 years with the website www.brooksvillecardiology.com

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Dr Eldin is a real entrepreneur who has been working on solutions for the health care crisis involving Low cost Quality Healthcare Model and also founded Florida Medical Tourism in Spring of 2012 to help ease the global health care needs always putting the patient first. He speaks locally and internationally with putting emphasis on “bringing the heart back into Medicine”.