Saudi Binladin Group lays off 77,000 workers: report


One of Saudi Arabia’s most powerful firms, the Saudi Binladin Group, has laid off 77,000 foreign workers, a Saudi daily reported on Monday, citing an anonymous company official.The report is the latest over the past few days alleging tens of thousands of layoffs, unpaid salaries and unrest by employees of the firm which built some of the Gulf country’s landmarks.

Sources in March told media that delayed receipts from the government, whose oil revenues collapsed over the past two years, have left employees of the kingdom’s construction giants struggling to survive while they await their salaries.However, Saudi Binladin Group was also sanctioned by the government after a deadly crane accident at one of its projects last SeptemberThe company official cited byAl-Watandaily said that as of Sunday 77,000 Binladin Group workers had received exit visas to leave the country.