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Texas mosque attack Doctor shot and stabbed

Texas mosque attack: Doctor ‘shot and stabbed’

A Muslim doctor in the US state of Texas has been shot and stabbed while on his way to a mosque for morning Ramadan...

Muslim doctor shot and stabbed on way to morning prayer in Texas

He was shot and stabbed outside a Houston mosque. A Muslim man on his way to morning prayer has been shot and stabbed outside...

Muslim man beaten outside mosque attended by Orlando gunman

An Islamic civil rights group says local authorities have ignored requests for increased security outside the Ft. Pierce, FL mosque. The Council on American-Islamic...

14-year-old arrested for hate crime attack on Muslim man admits to playing ‘knockout game’

A 14-year-old boy was charged with a hate crime on Monday after he attacked a Muslim man outside a mosque in Queens, New York,...
Self Defense Classes Are New Norm For Muslim Women Fearing Attack

Self Defense Classes Are New Norm For Muslim Women Fearing Attack

Americans often take self defense classes as a way to stay in shape or an effort to defend themselves in the off chance of...

Q&A: Jewish rabbi battles Islamophobia in the US

The West has seen a spike in Islamophobia and hate crimes against Muslims following attacks in Europe and the US that have been blamed...