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Challenging times for veiled women

No to Islamophobia Many veiled women living in the West may have found great comfort in the heartening call of President of Austria Alexander Van...
The Burqa or the Bikini?

The Burqa or the Bikini?

By Hanan al-Harbi As the weather warms up, many Muslim women head to the beach to cool off. While the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings...
A Timeline And History Of Hijab Styles

A Timeline And History Of Hijab Styles

Nike, the well-known U.S. sportswear company, recently introduced a sports hijab. The reaction to this has been mixed: There are those who are applauding...
Ted Nugent Says the Parkland Survivors 'Have No Soul'

Muslim Teen Boxer Wins Right To Wear Hijab in Ring

Amaiya Zafar will earn her place in boxing’s history books Saturday. When the 16-year-old from Minnesota enters the ring next weekend, there will be...

TED Talks: What Islam Really Says About Women – Alaa Murabit

If you want more information regarding the Bible or Jesus or Prophet Muhammad (Some people spelled Mohammad or Muhammed) then you may be get...
How does the EU hijab ruling affect Muslim women?

How does the EU hijab ruling affect Muslim women?

The European Union's top law court ruled on Tuesday that employers are entitled to ban staff from wearing visible religious symbols - a decision...

Miss Minnesota Contestant Wears Muslim Headpiece, Burkini

A -19-year-old Somali-American beauty queen became the first woman to wear a burkini and hijab during the Miss Minnesota pageant over the weekend. Halima...
Reporter becomes Canada’s first hijab-clad news anchor

Hijab-Clad Anchor Makes History In Canada

Ginella Massa broke diversity barriers in Canada by becoming the first woman to anchor a news segment while wearing a hijab. However, she is...
What the hijab means to me

What the hijab means to me

Women from around the world share their thoughts and feelings about wearing - or not wearing - the hijab. 'Hijab makes me feel free'...
CoverGirl Names Hijab-Wearing Blogger Nura Afia As Ambassador

CoverGirl Names Hijab-Wearing Blogger As Ambassador

Nura Afia, a practicing Muslim, has been named as the brand ambassador for CoverGirl, one of the largest cosmetics companies in the United States....