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Marc Lamont Hill UN Speech That Got Him Fired From CNN

Marc Lamont Hill UN United Nations Speech That Got Him Fired From. CNN severed ties with contributor Marc Lamont Hill on Thursday, following comments...
"Moaning About Mosque Loudspeaker Not Blasphemy": Indonesian Muslim Group

“Moaning About Mosque Loudspeaker Not Blasphemy”: Indonesian Muslim Group

JAKARTA:  Indonesia's biggest Islamic organisation called for greater tolerance on Friday as it criticised a court that jailed a mother of four for blasphemy after...
Indonesian Woman's Jailing Over Mosque Noise Sparks Backlash

Indonesian Woman’s Jailing Over Mosque Noise Sparks Backlash

JAKARTA —  Indonesia's jailing of a woman for complaining about the volume of a mosque loudspeaker has sparked a wave of criticism, with a petition...

Who Fears The Covenants Of The Prophet Muhammad With The Christians Of The World?

By Roberto Vertutti   To ask: “Who fears the Covenants of the Prophet?” is synonymous with asking “Who fears the truth?” This is the issue at hand. Those who fear the truth...

Dr. Mike Evans:  Fighting Terrorism Is a Human Right

President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi of Egypt deserves a Nobel Peace Prize, along with the Presidential Medal of Freedom award, for saving Egypt from a...
UN Rights Chief: Send Alleged Crimes Against Rohingya to ICC

UN Rights Chief: Send Alleged Crimes Against Rohingya to ICC

The highest-ranking United Nations human rights official has called for alleged crimes committed against Myanmar's Rohingya Muslim minority population to be assigned to the...
The deafening silence on China's human rights abuses

The deafening silence on China’s human rights abuses

Where is China headed in 2018? President Xi Jinping promised "world peace" for the new year - but his 2017 track record suggests otherwise....

Terror attacks kill 25,000 in 2016 UN report

MANILA, Philippines Over 25,000 people died and 33,000 injured in at least 11,000 terrorist attacks in more than 100 countries last year, according to...
Rights groups blast Egypt's human rights record

Rights groups blast Egypt’s human rights record

International rights organisations have gathered in the French capital to highlight Egypt's human rights abuses, as Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi is set to...
Rights groups question Palestine's electronic crime law

Rights groups question Palestine’s electronic crime law

Human rights groups are calling on the Palestinian Authority to suspend a new "electronic crimes" law that limits freedom of expression online. Palestinian President...