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A faith-based aid revolution in the Muslim world?

A faith-based aid revolution in the Muslim world?

Every year, somewhere between US$200 billion and $1 trillion are spent in “mandatory” alms and voluntary charity across the Muslim world, Islamic...
U.S. Puts $5 Million Bounty On Pakistani Taliban Leader

Putin Pledges Support to Islamic Schools

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced Thursday at a meeting with Muslim clergy that he supported a “revival of Islamic education in Russia,” as a...

Why is Hate Towards Islam Growing?


‘It’s painful to see Islam used as a weapon’

Ma Jiacheng, the 26-year-old imamat the Doudian Mosque in Beijing, hopes the religious center will become a platform for the correction of misunderstandings about...

John Wood, Marine dad, banned from daughter’s graduation after objecting to Islam lessons

A former Marine is asking a judge to lift a no-trespass order ahead of his daughter's graduation after her high school reportedly banned him...