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Muslim doctors open completely free clinic to serve the poor in Toledo, Ohio area

HOLLAND, OH — A group of Muslim doctors in Holland, Ohio (near Toledo) has opened a new clinic providing free medical services to people of all...

Islamic nonprofit reaches out to community with back-to-school giveaway

Supplying free book bags containing school supplies to children is part of the new Islamic Ministries and Community Development's outreach efforts. Imam Faruq Post chatted...
Top 10 CNN Hero Samir Lakhani Samir Lakhani's nonprofit, Eco-Soap Bank, recycles discarded bars of soap from hotels in Cambodia and distributes them to people in need.

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For many Cambodians, a bar of soap is a luxury they cannot afford. Yet children living in rural areas are vulnerable to disease simply because...
Muslim Doctors to Trump Fans: We’ll Treat You Even if You Hate Us

Muslim Doctors to Trump Fans: We’ll Treat You Even if You Hate Us

Sure, fans of The Donald say they hate Islam, but Cleveland’s Muslim doctors stand ready to treat them during the GOP convention all the...

Grateful For American Dream, Immigrant CEO Shares Millions With Workers at Chobani

A desire to give back to the country where his overwhelming success was made possible, the boss of a yogurt empire just made more...

Chobani Hands Workers A Stake In The Company

Chobani, the Greek yogurt maker, is giving its workers a stake in the privately-held company. The company is offering shares to employees that would...

American Muslims Are Delivering Fresh Water To Flint Residents

Islamic Relief USA is delivering over 100,000 bottles of fresh water to the residents of Flint, Michigan.

Muslim Contributions to Philosophy

Many Muslim scholars made acquiring knowledge their life goal. Perhaps the most notable of these scholars is Al-Ghazali, a Sufi Muslim who in the...
Overcoming Historical Amnesia: Muslim Contributions to Civilization

Overcoming Historical Amnesia: Muslim Contributions to Civilization

In his recent article, Sam Harris, a popular critic of Islam, referred to Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani education activist, as "the best thing to...