Ted Cruz and his conspiracy theorists

Frank Gaffney a prominent anti-Muslim conspiracy theorist

The candidate’s foreign policy advisers think sharia may soon conquer America

By Arnold R. Isaacs

Donald Trump’s call to bar Muslims from entering the country got all the attention, but an even uglier thread of anti-Muslim bigotry exists inside Ted Cruz’s campaign. The team of foreign policy advisers he announced on March 17 — “trusted friends who will form a core of our broader national security team,” Mr. Cruz called them — includes some of the most fanatical anti-Muslim activists in America.

The list got some attention when it was unveiled because of its leader, Frank Gaffney, a prominent anti-Muslim writer. But the campaign has enlisted a deeper bench of aides with records that are, if anything, even more shocking.

Mr. Gaffney’s views (including the suspicion that President Barack Obama is a secret Muslim) are well known. He runs the Center for Security Policy, which specializes in dire warnings about the imminent danger that Muslims will impose sharia law on the United States. A few months ago, for instance, he declared that sharia adherents are conducting operations “aimed at penetrating and subverting our civil society institutions and governmental policy-making.” This was, he wrote, part of a “collective effort of sharia-adherent Muslims and their enablers around the world to force ‘non-believers’ to submit to that toxic ideology.” Sharia, he wrote, not only obliges observant Muslims “to engage in jihad or holy war” but that “where practicable, sharia dictates they must do so through terrifying violence.” Previously, the author suggested that Muslims who observe sharia should be prosecuted for sedition. He wants to stop all immigration not just from Syria and Iraq but also from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Libya and Afghanistan.

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