If you want more information regarding the Bible or Jesus or Prophet Muhammad (Some people spelled Mohammad or Muhammed) then you may be get some information regarding that. We are trying to present truth information of Islam and Islamic beliefor faith. We think Muslim concept of God or Allah is the most rational.

In our YouTube channel we are discussing the Women or Woman rights and hijab in Islam and converted stories of different people from different Religion. We also discussed the mathematical and scientific miracles of the holy Quran (Some people spelled Koran or Kuran or Qoran) although the holy Quran is not a book of Science.

There are some discussions regarding hadith. You will find lots of religious video about how Westerns convert or revert from Christianity or Catholic thoughts or Judaism to Islam who were faithful Christian or Jewish for long time. Many of them were priest, nun, bishop, monk. You be benefited if you are a Hindu (we discussed Hinduism), Buddhist (we discussed Buddhism), Atheist (we discussed Atheism), Agnostic (we discussed Agnosticism), Sikh (we discussed Sikhism). Some videos also discussed on Zakat, prayer (Namaz or Salah), Ramadan, Islamist, Sufi (Sufism), Sunni, Shia, Kadiani, Ahmedi practices.

If you want know how people misunderstood Jihad and relating it terrorism and justifying using partial verses of the Quran then please subscribe to our channel. We also included lots of debate videos on Islam.