‘Trump is president … they’ll deport you soon’: Man filmed unloading on Muslim Uber driver


A man was recorded on video lashing out at another motorist while at a stop light in a New York neighborhood.

The man, who was driving a white sport-utility vehicle, can be heard calling another driver an “Arab, a “terrorist” and a “loser.”

“Trump is president, [expletive]! So you can kiss your [expletive] visa goodbye, scumbag,” the man said. “They’ll deport you soon. Don’t worry, you [expletive] terrorist.”

The recipient of the verbal attacks was Chris Cody’s Uber driver, Cody told The Washington Post. The incident on Crescent Street in the Astoria neighborhood in Queens happened Thursday morning, just before the Uber driver picked up Cody in Manhattan.

Cody, a St. Johns University adjunct professor who speaks Arabic, said he found out about the incident after striking up a conversation with his Uber driver, whom he knows only by his first name, Mohammed. He said his driver was surprised to meet an American who said “hello” to him in his language and doesn’t have anything against Muslims. Mohammed started opening up, Cody said.

“Right before I picked you up, I had a horrible incident,” Cody recalled his driver saying.

“What happened?” Cody asked.

“Let me show you,” Mohammed said, showing the 40-second clip to his passenger.

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